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Goals - Dumb, Hard, or Smart belief coaching confidence competence goals high performance habits organization self doubt Jan 07, 2023

I am not saying goals are dumb, but setting them and abandoning them is and will make you dumber or at least damage your trust and belief in yourself. 

Quitting on goals over and over again essentially cripples the dopamine motivation and reward mechanism in your brain. 


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How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Important Things Done belief blame challenges coaching confidence competence productivity take action Aug 03, 2022

Do you ever feel like you can't do what you said you were going to do? Like an invisible force is standing in your way?

Other things seem to suddenly need your urgent attention! What is important to you ends up on the back burner - again.

Another day down and another day of incompletes.


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Building Your Confidence belief build your confidence coaching confidence confidence competence living this life well personal growth take action Jul 14, 2022

There is no such thing as a confident person.

Let's face it. People are not born confident, they just aren't. Confidence may seem like an innate quality, it is not! Confidence must be cultivated. Confidence is taught, nurtured, and grows through experience.

Confidence is gained and...

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