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Performance Coach

Are you ready to work 1-on-1? Are you serious about leveling up? A high performance life requires bold action and taking on the challenges of life with steadfast determination to achieve your dreams. Do you have a powerful vision for yourself to drive you forward? The best way to assess your readiness is to visit my contact page.

High Performance Habits


High Performance Coaching is a proven process containing the best frameworks, mindsets, habits and tools to get the most impactful results for you.

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One-on-One High Performance Coaching

Are you ready to level up?

You achieve your goals yet would like to do so faster and with more ease, clarity, and courage. You are ready for a new challenge or a change of direction and would like professional support and encouragement to make it happen.

Our one-on-one sessions are spaces for you to explore these ideas and how to achieve them. It’s me. Working with you. For you. That simple.

Let’s stop talking about the idea and commit to the dream coming true. It’s time.

One-on-one coaching is for those looking to achieve goals that make them proud, inspire others, and create change not only in their personal world but in their community at large.

One-on-one coaching has a minimum commitment of $5,000 for a 4 -6 month retainer. Invest in your dreams. 

Transformation Select

You regularly achieve your goals and are looking to go deeper, explore more, extend yourself and challenge yourself.

You understand that while you already have achieved so much that what got you here will not get you there.

This long-term package means you will have exclusive access to me for at least 6 months.

We start with a two-hour session and then move on to once weekly for the first three months.

After we have an established rhythm and have really dialed in on your goals we move to a mutually agreed-upon schedule that supports your lifestyle and your needs. 

Coaching is about one thing only - your transformation. 

The Transformation Select package starts at a minimum commitment of $10,000 and is for those looking for support for a minimum of 6 months.

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