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The People I Serve…

  • Are successful parent business owners and leaders (but yearn to be more effective at work and present at home)
  • Have enough money to run their home and business (but still worry and stress about it)
  • Achieve most goals they set (but lack lasting satisfaction or fulfillment - they feel they “haven’t quite arrived”)
  • Are the captain of their ship (but can't find a calm port and are constantly navigating the shifting tides)
  • Appear to have the perfect family life (but struggle to feel connected at home)
  • Are living the life they once dreamed of (but ask themselves, “Isn’t there more?”)

Welcome. I am Jerome Craig, a Business and Personal Leadership Coach.

I help high potentials and successful individuals transform their lives. 

I partner with a limited number of candidates for transformative coaching.  My focus is exclusively on you.

Through this partnership, you will become confident enough to follow through with your aspirations . . . from starting to scaling your dream business or switching careers completely. The success of your business is dependent on your personal success, your health, your energy, and your relationships.

What got you here will not get you there. Your continued success requires new skills, a different focus, improved communication, and persuasion and influence. 

As a business and leadership coach, I work with you to maximize your potential in a responsible and informed way. My coaching uses a science-backed methodology steeped in adult learning theory and positive psychology and designed to deliver results. The process has been created to explore the ways you can reach heightened levels of performance and potential. 

Be inspired. Find balance. Gain mastery over your psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, skills, purpose, and presence.

Throughout our coaching sessions, you will find yourself living with more purpose, being more engaged, more joyful, more confident, and feeling more like your ideal self.

One-on-One Business and Self Leadership Coaching

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What is High Performance Coaching? 

To continuously grow, strive, and succeed while doing it all in a healthy and balanced way.

Jerome's coaching helps you perform better while enjoying life's challenges more, feeling less stressed, and serving with more passion. The goal is your transformation and celebration of your full, deep involvement in life.

Living This Life Well.

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