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4 Ways You Can Overcome Self Doubt

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Everyone experiences self-doubt from time to time. It's part of life. I felt that I was plagued with self-doubt in different areas of my life at different times in my development. I wish I knew then what I know now.

It is important that when you do experience self-doubt, you handle it in the right way. This will ensure that you get around your roadblocks and get back on the road to success. Here are a few ways from Living This Life Well to deal with self-doubt and negative thoughts when they arise.

Resolve Not to Compare Yourself With Others

Often, thoughts of self-doubt come when you compare yourself to someone else. Resolve in advance not to let this happen.

When it does (which it probably will at some point), remind yourself that you aren't the other person. They have a journey completely different from your own. Look at how far you've come on your journey, focus on your gains and not the gap between you and your perception of someone else’s success. Your journey is yours and yours alone.

Remember the Past is the Past

Many people experience self-doubt when thinking about the past. The regret and the what-ifs are not helping you. Whenever the past comes up in your mind, remind yourself that it is over and done with. If you dwell on the past, it will make self-doubt worse.

 Look towards the future and all of the plans you have instead. It can also help to list all the things you are grateful for in the present.

Remind Yourself that Failures are Lessons

Everyone will have failures at some point in their life. This is inevitable. When you experience a failure, you will likely have some thoughts of self-doubt. 

Don't let these get you down. Instead of focusing on the negative, resolve to focus on the positive. Run through the lessons you have learned to feel confident you won't make the same mistake again.

Have a Support System

There is nothing worse than experiencing self-doubts and feeling alone simultaneously. You should do everything in your power to have a support system in place when these doubts start to creep in. 

The support system doesn't have to be physical. It could also be a forum or an online support group. Either way, it should be someone you trust to talk to when the going gets rough. They can help remind you of what an amazing person you are and the journey you’ve embarked on to get where you are. 

Overall, battling self-doubt when it pops up is never easy. If you follow the four suggestions on this list, you will find yourself well equipped to deal with self-doubt when it does arise.

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I hope this helps you get back on your way to achieving your dreams as your confident and amazing self.

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