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10 things you must stop doing to boost your confidence

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How to Build Your Confidence

Do you want to know how to boost your confidence? Follow this list below of 10 things you should stop doing to build your confidence and grow today:

  1. Stop valuing other people's thinking and opinions above your own. We are all gifted with our own unique talents and thoughts. Acknowledge that no one can be better at being you than you can.
  2. Stop adopting behaviors that are not aligned with your values to fit in with or impress others. Faking it for others makes you doubt yourself and undermine your confidence.
  3. Stop dwelling on negative thoughts and indulging pessimism. This will destroy your self confidence because negative thoughts create negative outcomes. Recognize those negative thoughts and reframe them or replace them with evidence to the contrary.
  4. Stop living the curated life on social media. If you are only sharing your very best moments in "beauty mode" you are projecting a fake life that will make you unhappy with the real-life that you are living.
  5. Stop with the Self-deprecating talk. If you keep putting yourself down, diminishing your worth or achievements it is bound to have negative effects on your self-worth and will erode your confidence.
  6. Stop blaming others. Blaming others for your situation will only make you seem bitter and show that you lack the tools to make your own life better. Taking responsibility for how your life has turned out, realizing it is all on you to take the next step and write the next chapter will drive you to seek solutions to your challenges.
  7. Stop playing small. If you constantly set the bar low for yourself you are saying you don't expect much from yourself or you are afraid to disappoint others. They in turn will not expect much from you. This gives you a lower sense of value and will further erode your self-confidence. 
  8. Stop thinking you have nothing to add. If you avoid throwing in your 2 cents to a discussion, or avoid saying something because you are afraid it will make you look uninformed. No one knows everything. And neither should you.If you don't know much about a topic it shouldn’t cost you your confidence. No one knows everything. And neither should you.
  9. Stop dismissing compliments. Don't dismiss the compliment or deny it - don't be rude. Just say "Thank you." or "That is very kind of you." Accepting a compliment validates the other person's judgment and graciously accepting their opinions of you can go a long way to improving your confidence.
  10. Stop ruminating - being stuck thinking about problems. The constant focus on your problems and too little time seeking solutions will amplify your struggles and keep you stuck in a spiral of doubt and second-guessing yourself and your past actions. Not good for your confidence.

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