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Declutter for Productivity

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I am constantly thinking about how to improve my habits to become more productive. The block time, goals setting, productivity planners, don't-do and to-do lists, turning off notifications, quitting social media (again), binaural beats, prioritizing sleep, wearing blinders, and simply gluing my butt to my seat.

Truth be told I struggle with organization. There is clutter in my life. It is distracting!

Clutter is Delayed Decisions. ~ Barbara Hemphill

When I first read this line it really struck me because my office is unfortunately disorganized, yet there is a deeper meaning to this quote. 

How to Be More Productive

We are all busy people.  We have lots going on and juggling multiple roles –  we have lots of mental clutter – regardless of what our physical space looks like! 

Maybe you have noticed that when you make a decision, your mind feels clearer even if just for a minute. Making the decision lightened your 'mental load' and you feel more productive and effective. It is important to recognize this.

If your mind looks like my desk there is not enough space to write and concentrate. There are too many distractions, ideas, and unmade decisions. 

This is something that I am telling myself daily now. We will see how it evolves.

"Jerome, if you want to be more effective in life it is best to make it a decisive life. Making decisions cleans up your mental clutter."

Go forth and work through some decisions today and declutter.

Declutter to Be More Productive In Life

Once you declutter your mind, you will create space for thinking, creation, and progress towards the goals you have for yourself, your family, or your team.

I'm looking forward to feeling more effective, less overwhelmed, and lighter. 

Who knows, maybe my desk (and yours) will look a bit better too! 

If you have any questions on how to Declutter, Contact Me today!

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