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7 Ways to Train Your Brain to Switch to Positive Self-Talk

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Switch to Positive Self-Talk

 Numerous scientific studies have proven a more optimistic attitude will benefit you in terms of mental health and well-being. Even more intriguing is the idea that positive self-talk can lead to better physical health, happiness, and success in every aspect of your life.

With so much at stake, it’s obvious that switching your brain over to a habit of positive self-talk is not only a good idea but a necessary one if you truly wish to live this life well.

How can you train your brain to be positive in a world that is skewed toward negativity?

Be Here Now

People carry around regrets from their past and they constantly worry about the future. It seems many people are not even present in their lives. Of course all this worry and regret can lead to negative self-talk. And when your thinking is stinking your mood will suck.

Be engaged in the moment by acting mindfully. Concentrate on what you are doing, even in the mundane everyday tasks. You want to train your mind to be present and escape the what-ifs of the past and the doomsday thinking of the future that is all too common these days.

Find Your Calm

Every day you need to refresh and renew yourself mentally.  You can’t do this in a noisy environment where you’re constantly being bombarded by stimuli. Seek quiet. Meditate. Do some breath work. Spend some time alone in a quiet space and really focus on just being in your body in the present so you disengage and let go of negative thoughts.

Practice Gratitude and Spirituality

Every day be thankful. Gratitude has been shown to improve mood and overall happiness, especially when expressing this gratitude to others. Whatever your belief system, connecting to something larger than yourself has a way of centering you. Engaging in spiritual practice, be it prayer, worship, or even something that gives you feelings of hope or love will generate a positive response internally. 

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that doing something for others stimulates dopamine production in your brain, leaving you with long-lasting happy feelings? Find small ways to pay it forward. Find a moment to show kindness to your fellow humans every day. I bet just looking for a way to make someone else's day better will improve yours.


There is nothing more healing or positive than laughter. Studies have shown laughing even when you don’t feel like it initially has a way of becoming real. Look for humor in situations. Find reasons to laugh daily. LOL.

Change the Script

Still getting caught up in negative thoughts? Listen to what you’re saying and try to rephrase the thought more positively. Challenge negative assumptions. Turn dire predictions into questions. Look for solutions instead of assuming defeat.

Move Around

Exercise has been shown to stimulate a positive chemical response in your brain with long-lasting effects. In short, it’s much easier to think positive when you’re feeling good. Movement drives so many physiological responses and your physiology can drive your psychology. Don't overthink exercise - just move!

As with the formation of any habit, don’t expect overnight success. Switching from a negative inner dialogue over to positive self-talk is going to take time and patience. If you slip up, don’t get caught up in a cycle of blame or despair. Instead, grasp the next positive thought and simply keep going.

Eventually, this optimistic outlook will become automatic. When you reach that point, rejoice! It’s here where you’ll find peace and contentment and even joy in your life.


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