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Common Excuses people make that keeps them from achieving their goals

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Everyone has dreams, wishes, and hopes and not everyone makes them into goals.

You likely have many more dreams than goals. And that is totally fine.

And goals are the necessary steps to make your dreams become a reality.

What are the reasons you don’t create goals out of your dreams? What are the reasons you struggle to achieve your goals?  Whatever these reasons are, they are part of your belief system (BS), the area within that generates your excuses. You don’t have to believe your BS and you shouldn't use excuses to hold yourself back.

5 Beliefs generating your excuses

Not Enough Time

I don't know about you, but I feel like everyone's motto these days is “not enough time.”  Yes, we are all extremely busy. Between work, commuting, families, and everything else coming our way, who has time to “follow their dreams”?

Yet we all know that we have the same time number of seconds each day – it is really about choosing to prioritize your goals. Take that time you spend dreaming, we all have that time and start writing your dreams down. Now organize your thoughts and create goals. Identify the next best step to take and steal the time to do this from some other activity that you mindlessly indulge in every day.

Distraction lies waiting for your mind to get lazy and the next thing you know you’re scrolling social media, watching, reading or listening to the news/Netflix, reading gossip or sports articles, or organizing your closet once again.

These activities will gobble up your precious time and will not help you get any closer to your goals. For a week or maybe two, keep a time ladder of how you spent your time. Every 30 minutes reflect on what you were doing and jot it down. At the end of the week take a good look at how you spent your time and you’ll likely find many minutes or hours that you could have used to get closer to your goals.

 I Don’t Have ‘X’ Talent

You are not limited by your talent. If you want to progress towards your goal the only thing holding you is your lack of effort.

It doesn’t matter if you want to write a book, start a business, or play professional ball, you have as much talent as you are willing to work for. You may not have been born with the natural ability to do 'X', and this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn, practice, and progress if that is what interests you!

After ‘X’ I Will Do It

After this happens I Will Do that excuse. Some people wait for the perfect time to start doing their thing. Guility as charged, I have used this excuse way too often!

Here is my “it-is-not-new-news flash”: t There is never going be an “ideal situation" where we can accomplish our worthy goal without any stress, frustration, mistakes, failures, or skipped/lost days. Because life never stops happening! Pursuing your passion should not involve waiting until things calm down. It is all training and life is a marathon so start your training today there is never going to be a perfect time.

I’m Not Good Enough

“I’m not good enough. I must be doing something wrong. Why do I keep sabotaging myself." This internal dialogue is common, so it's important that you remember this:

firstly – these are your goals and you get to decide what good enough is;

secondly- you will never be good enough if you stop yourself from starting.

Start working on your confidence and loving yourself first. If this belief is coming from external sources, then consider those sources and then put some distance between them and you.

 ‘X’ Person Has it Easier

The grass is greener where you water it. Yep, if you think they have it easier than you do, you are making it harder on yourself. "Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes" and other sayings point out that you really don’t know what someone else is going through. So do not assume that someone has it easier, and therefore can achieve their goals while you cannot, they may think you have it easier. Put that energy and thought into how you can make it easier for yourself.

 Self-limiting beliefs can be a slippery slope. They will keep you from even starting let alone reaching your goals. Take time to examine your thoughts and come up with better beliefs to counter the negative ones.

Don't let you stop you. Ditch the excuses and pursue your dreams and start living this life well!



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